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This is the company I'm currently working for :D

Here's links to my current sites I visit

The 3D site I frequent. It's great, good moderators, awesome layout, very very nice tutorial selection, perfect place for new modeller.

Steven Shmuely's site. Not a great deal of content, but check his stuff on "Nuclear Dawn." You won't see much better low-poly stuff than what he's got there. Very good site.

SimplyBrush, a very nifty site for PSP(7,8,9) brushes. Nice site, us men just have to ignore the pink :D

Ben Mathis's webpage. It's a lowpoly heaven, a must on your favorite's.

The best RTS game-making company in existence

The best fansite for Rise of Nations, the best RTS on the market

One more RoN fansite, a very very good Fan Fiction site. You name it, it's there.

Second reality, couple of good tuts here. Nice portfolio there too.

Onnovan Braam's site for blueprints. Awesome site.

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