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About Me

I currently live in the Great Plains of the United States, designing Tutorials for as a Freelancer. I've worked for a few other places, but for now, my resume isn't very exciting.

3D is my cliche in Art. I've long been trying to gain a decent approach to 2D art, but I never achieved a proficiency at it. About three years ago with the release of Rise of Nations, I became involved in modding, doing basic reskins of many of the units (The skins are now unimpressive, but that's beside the point. They've had several thousand downloads).

Becoming more involved in modding games (I modded RoN for about a year or more), I delved into 3D and about two years ago or so, I joined Mammoth Games (No longer in existence), and recieved that push I needed. Since then, I've work on developing 3D Low-Poly Organic. And now that I have a 3D sense, I'm finally achieving things in 2D. I think I went about that backwards, but it's the end that counts in this case.

My credentials are the following:

Rise of Nations Modder of the Year

Mammoth Games Character Modeller

3D Gamics DVD Tutorial Designer
- Modeling the Colt 1911

2nd Place, Rise of Legends art competition.