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The Dye I3 Paintball Mask

I've been paintballing for about two years now, and one of my favorite parts of the sport has always been the mask. I mean, the gun is definitely the best part, but I love the mask. It's not a exaggerated ballcap like the baseball helmet, it's not a monstrosity like a football helmet, it's simply a helmet. Looks like a futuristic advanced bulletproof gasmask from a sci fi movie. I love them.

The mask that captures that feeling the best is the Dye I3. Reviews for it are nuts. Everybody that has one loves it. I want one, but I'm not willing to spend 80$ on one. But I can model the coolest looking paintball mask in the world, for free. So here it is so far.



You'll notice the color scheme is kinda switched. Dye has also made the Dye I3 Pro, supposedly better. They follow that color scheme and I do like it better, though I will probably revert back to the scheme shown in the reference.

You'll notice here, and especially in the clay below, that there are several minor errors in the mesh. Yes, I know, and I will fix them.


So that's it. I've added in the hat, and duh, it's not in the ref, but when this is all said and done, I'll have done the shoulders of a player, and he'll be looking over his left shoulder. Basically, it'll be a bust. What I would like to do once I've finished the model, is tweak it. Make it thicker on the inside and solidify it. You won't notice anything on the outside, but here in town at the local college is one of those new 3d printers, and I've already been given permission to use it, granted I pay for the ink. Thickening the mesh could possibly allow the printer to print out this model in a solid chunk, that I can hold, spin, set on a shelf somewhere to collect dust and keep it forever.

Will I sell the printed 3d model? No. I don't think the folks Dye would appreciate that. But something I would like to do is take other models I will in the future make, (more) swords, knights and other such un-copyrighted stuff and sell those at an art gallery.

But this is the Dye mask, in it's entirety. Hope I'll have more for you before long.


BTW, here's the mask in the correct color scheme. Looks good too.

K, I tackled it again this morning, smoothing out some of those glitches you see in the clay above a bit. While you can't see it the picture below, I still did it. The below picture, obviously, is a wireframe. If you're attentive, you'll notice I've also in the time it takes to write three paragraphs, added the strap in the back, and it's even mapped too (took all of four seconds). Maybe it'll be skinned by the end of the week.

(Stop laughing)


K, most recent pic below, today being the 6th.

I've gotten most everything modelled. I've even gotten farther than this picture, but I don't have a pic of it at the moment. The lenses still have some issues, but I've fixed most everything else. I was happy with the skin texture, Max 8's SSS skin thing works halfway decent. The shirt's also been updated since then, more wrinkles and what not, but anyways, here's your update.


I do not own the Dye company, though I wish I did. The Dye I3 and all such products are products of Dye I3. I simply used their references to model a mask.