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Gondorian Fountain Guard


Working with Wildfire Games, I've discovered that I'm not as much of a Lord of the Rings freak as I thought I was. The guys I work with at the Last Alliance (a division of Wildfire Games) are LOTR nuts on a whole different level. I suspect most of them can speak elvish, and do, often. Anyways, one thing we don't have in common is a healthy respect for Peter Jackson and his LOTR movies. I loved the movies, and have a couple of the art books from them. My favorites are the Gondorians, and particularly, the Fountain Guards.

So, inspite of the fact that Peter Jackson is nearly a censored word on the TLA forums, I'm modeling a warrior based on him and his team's work. And I'm very happy with how it's turning out.

Update! Oct 13.

K, added arms and their respective armor, and added some of the gold finishes on the breastplate. Below is the "Before" image.



Still moving quickly as you can see. Three days ago, it looked like the above. Now it doesn't :D

Despite what the wire says, nothing peeks through the mesh above it, that's just because this computer sucks and has trouble deciding which to show first.

I've added the seven stars and crown (I think that's what it is...) to the lower part of the armor. The breastplate still needs a few more rivets, the shoulders, I think, and six straps.

The arms... I dunno what I'm going to do for Chainmail. I'm afraid it will be a texture, which seems like cheating, and ineffective to me. But I don't think this computer could handle the geometry, and I don't even know if there's a way to do it correctly with geometry. Probably is, but it needs more than 224 RAM.

The Hands are coming, then, the tunic, sword & sheath, feet, face (cringe) and the spear and flag. And then, of course the base, and I'm imagining some of the stone in the Minas Tirith courtyard with some of the grass on the edges.

I think there's going to be two images. There'll be the one with him in his pose and everything. And then there'll be one of the same pose, but it'll say:

Gondor's best training available: 2000$
Gondor's best armor available: 8000$
Gondor's best food available for fitness and health
purposes: 400$

The fact that Gondor's finest soldier's sole purpose is to tactfully and securely guard Gondor's only tree: Priceless.

But who knows. It'll look cool. I hope.





Ok, some new stuff. I've modeled his hands, his tunic skirt thingy, and the chainskirt in the first set of pics. Then I was at a standstill, debating how to do everything else. Finally, I got tired of that and simply started modelling. Pants, boots, and belt, buckles and sword. And I skinned the belt, buckles and sword. And, I'm proud of myself again, if you look close at the pommel, you'll notice it's got the tree emblem too, like it's supposed to. And yes, it's modeled in. And yes, I copied it off the armor, shrunk it and welded it into shape....

Fountain Guard WIP