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Welcome to Jedi3D, soon to be James3D

Welcome to Jedianakinsolo's Realm! This site is dedicated to my current hobbies, projects and future career. Currently, I'm working with on creating Video Tutorials for them. A free one, called "Sword Tut" is available there now.

And now available, is "Modeling the Colt 1911" Be sure to check it out :D

Anyhow, feel free to browse all of the site or contact me. Be sure to check out WIPs and my future portfolio, since I deleted my old (poor) one.


Current Interests

April 3rd

4 months, no updates. Sounds like a good webcomic... The best ones always end up updating once every... three months? They post news, mostly excuses why they haven't posted a page in two months, and they write four paragraphs of why it's been difficult to draw their comics since their injured their foot, and you know they could have at least written two strips in the time it took to write their page of how funny the dog looks limping around the house.

I'm no better. But I do have an update, kinda. (Excuse coming!!) Running on 128 RAM has not allowed me to further my progress on the Fountain Guard, though it is farther than when I posted the last update on it. This week, if I think about it, I will attempt to spend two hours unhiding 8 billion polys, and taking a picture of all them in a group picture.

My current update is (Oh, third paragraph...) a paintball mask, the new Invision 3 (I3) from Dye. I have never worn one myself, though I want to. But they look so awesome that I had to try. I modelled as far as I could on 128 RAM, and then suddenly, a blessing, God gave me a computer with 320 RAM and a 1000 mghz processor. So I've gotten to a decent point. Check it out the wip section. It's not far from completion.

The other thing is yes, another sword.... But, enjoy them I guess. And hey, if you clicked on the site to check and see if that idiot Jedianakinsolo updated his site finally, thanks. Put something in the guestbook though. It's kinda wierd. "View guestbook." One entry.... So proud.

December 18th

Yes yes, no update, months. I know. But I have been working on that Fountain Guard. But life has otherwise caught up to me. I have a job now, and while normally, it's not full time, it's retail, so during the holiday season, I'm working six days a week, and then trying to fix my Mustang.

But I do have an update, so check it out there. And Happy Holidays :D

October 13th

No major updates, minus the lack of the tagboard on the right. At first I thought Tagboard had been bought by google, but no, something Cpanel or such and it wasn't working so I scrapped it. It looks empty now though... I thought about posting a picture of myself, but then the little traffic I had would quickly become Zero. So I'll think of something else.

The update, again, lies in the WIP section with the Fountain Guard. He's got arms, and his armor's got some of the gold touches. It's really going now and I'm loving every moment of it. Keep checking back :D

October 10th

The list down there remains mostly unchanged, and for all of my eagerness to check off the items, I've done nothing but add to it. I have messed with the Hopeful blade some, but nothing worth posting, as I'm still looking for an idea on water. I've never worked with particle systems before and I'm afraid I'm about to.

The one thing I have updated is the WIP section. I've added the Fountain Guard project, based, yes, on the Gondorian Treeboy from the Lord of the Rings movies. It's a very enjoyable project and I hope to have some good results with it.

September 23rd. Next day, i know, but I put up shots of the edited Amethyst Knight. Here's a list of things I will do:

1. Finish the Amethyst Knight. Skinning, Armor, Weapons, stuff like that.
2. Finish the Hopeful Blade. I've got a base for it much like the one in the "Dest Sword", but I'm putting some water into it, and I'm having difficulty making a splash, something I want to do badly.
3. Start doing real work for The Last Alliance (WildFire Games). The kind folks there let me in, and I've needed to do a few skins for them. Then my computer crashed, and now, it won't take PaintshopPro very well...


1. Skin the Colt 1911 Model. My employer at 3DGamics would like me to do a DVD on Unwrapping and skinning the Colt. I'd also like to see it finished, but I'm afraid to venture into it.
2. A very possibly maybe, I'd like to add the "UV Unwrapping" segment to the Tutorials. That's the question I see most is "How do I unwrap?" Well, that'd help them out quite a bit. Half the problem is this site though. It's a pain in the rear to host images on this site because it refuses to host external images. Talk about a scam.

That's the list. Check back and see how far it gets :D

September 22nd.

There, updated WIPs finally. I got tired of letting the site go to pot, so I revamped the WIP section. I was kind of waiting for the point when I'd get some decent hosting (No ads, popups, stuff like that), but that appears that it'll be awhile longer. so bear with me. Hope you enjoy what I have right now :D

August 29th

Ouch, been two, three months. Sorry, again, no updates, though I could show some. But I'm waiting until I can put several things up at once and add a portfolio, better WIP section, stuff like that. Maaayyyybbeee no ads, that'd be nice. But we'll see.

Anyways, I haven't abandoned the site :D

June 6th. Lousy date.
But some good news. Number 1, I'm now a professional modeller. The Colt 1911 DVD is selling at 3dGamics and I'm very pleased with that.

Unfortunately, I have no updates. This month's been terribly busy. But soon, I'll have some stuff, possibly a revamping of the WIP section. Make that a little easier to update... Anyways, I'm still alive ya'll, so keep looking and soon, there'll be stuff to see.

April 16th. Been almost a month since the last update, but it's been one of those months. The next Tutorial (On UVW Unwrapping) should be out here soon, but not today. Today is an update on the Amethyst Warrior WIP. Hope it's decent :D

March 25th. New WIP, possibly another to come. Anyhow, other than that, there's not much else :P Enjoy the new WIP :D

March 20th. I'm currently buried at my house. My quarter-mile driveway is buried in 3 feet of snow. In March... And my Mustang looks mysteriously like 4 foot snow drift. So, literally trapped in my house, I have another tutorial up. Part II of the Imperial logo series. Box modeling. I also edited Part I and made it a bit better. So, I hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Still snowed in. And the Mustang's buried completely. Anyhow, I worked on and completed Part III of the modeling basics series. Enjoy :D

March 18th. Got another tut up. 1st in a series. Check it out. It's not much right now, just "Blueprint setup", but before it's done, it'll of covered everything from smoothing to mapping. So it should be pretty good :D

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